The pricing and promotions strategy

Multi-channel transformation has added an additional layer of complexity to the processes that encompass the pricing and promotions strategy. This complexity, if understood and successfully exploited, can be an opportunity to increase margins and profitability for your business.

Improve your pricing methods

There are many critical points in the life cycle of a product: the launch, its promotion, the increase in demand or sudden or progressive reductions in sales. All this requires that the impact of the price is understood not only globally, but also in a specific way in each phase of the product.

Our solutions help you to define the best offers at all times and to launch high-impact promotions in each location.

Promotes the most competitive offers

Our technology JDA Lifecycle Pricing gives you a better understanding of the real demand and allows you to create the best promotional plans, define methods of setting more competitive prices, make better decisions about the inventory and have a greater understanding of the customers’ purchasing patterns. Not only that, but JDA Lifecycle Pricing goes further, analysing the demand and potential yield from the inventory to maximise both the profit margin and customer service. T

hose who have implemented this solution have experienced around 3-10% improvement in their profit margin, up to a 5% increase in revenues and increased direct sales thereby reducing surplus inventory.

  • Multi-channel vision:

    includes all stages of the life cycle of the product and sales channels

  • Inventory optimisation:

    higher levels of sales and profits with reduced inventory levels.

  • Increase in the profit margin:

    through differentiated and competitive offers

  • Simulations:

    evaluation of various pricing options and alternative uses of the inventory.


  • JDA Strategic pricing, JDA Promotion management & JDA Markdown optimization

    • JDA Strategic pricing, JDA Promotion management & JDA Markdown optimization

      We have tools able to help you stand out above your competitors by acting on the critical points in the life cycle of a product.

      Our solutions take advantage of local demand data to determine the best pricing strategy and most appropriate promotions for each combination of products according to the location, directly affecting the profit margins of your business.

    • Features

      • Create customised pricing and promotions.

      • Competitive intelligence.

      Create customised pricing and promotions.

      Competitive intelligence.

    • Benefits

      • Increased profit margins.

      • Reduction of obsolete inventories.

      Increased profit margins.

      Reduction of obsolete inventories.

Success cases

San Francisco de Asís (Mexico)

Reinventing the way of working

A new automatic stock replenishment and pricing system for taking on market challenges.

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